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Broadloom Carpets

A broadloom carpet is woven on a wide loom and carry’s distinct and obvious advantages as they are used to create ‘Area’ carpeting in large rooms whilst keeping seams and joints to a minimum.

Broadloom carpet can be pile woven or loop woven, and it can integrate a wide variety of colours. If the carpet is intended for use within the backing of a broadloom carpet  is extremely durable, so that the carpet can withstand day to day hard use


Carpet tiles are a particularly flexible carpet solution which makes for very easy access to the floor underneath. This means that technicians can easily gain access to underfloor cables, which is especially important in rooms that are constantly subject to change.

carpet tiles are easy to use and easy to fit and replace as the tiles weigh less than conventional carpet tiles. The lightweight tiles make life easier for the fitter, whose working conditions are better for not having to lift heavy rolls of carpet. Despite their low weight, carpet tiles are easy to work with as they have a stable textile backing.

Area Rugs

The area rug is one of the elements in interior design that creates the greatest transformation. The light, minimalist space with streamlined architecture is softened by a dramatic hue. Furniture groups are gathered into one inviting zone that creates calm and unity in the space. A bold shape or colour creates a statement on the floor.

Area rugs are increasingly being used in shops, offices and hotel rooms, where they create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. At the same time, the rug design is used to highlight the interior trend with botanical motifs, geometry or understated tone-on-tone combinations. Just as with pillow and posters, area rugs can be used to update the interior design using minimal resources – both financially and timewise.

Carpet Customization

hese are highest rated Cut Pile Woven Polypropylene wall to wall luxury carpets that best suits to your living room, home theaters, party halls, soundproof conference rooms, etc.
This product has a ten years limited warranty against abrasion.
Its a royal luxury to have these carpets under your foot.

Wall-to-wall carpets

For projects with big design ambitions or large floor surfaces, a wall-to-wall carpet can be the ideal choice. When the surface appears as one large pattern without physical joins and breaks in the design, a very special look is achieved with the carpet as the fundamental element connecting the room’s interior design elements.

You can choose between a variety of different carpet qualities, which differ in fibre type, construction and price. In addition there are also a number of backing options with a variety of qualities in terms of materials, acoustics, comfort and price. This means that the wall-to-wall carpet’s physical components can be combined to meet the needs of any project.

Wall-to-wall carpet design is paramount to the room’s atmosphere, as the specific pattern and colour choices amplify or downplay the visual effect.