Self Leveling

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Self Leveling

“Self Leveling”

2mm to 3mm self leveling zero level smooth surface for any flooring sub base.

In order to smoothen and set up the floor surface for carpet, wood, stone, tiles, and other final coverings; a self-leveling compound is used. It effectively repairs cracks and steamrolls concrete surfaces.

There is an array of self-leveling compounds each having its own specific use for a number of situations. Water and acrylic-based are the most common ones. The water-based self-leveling compound is usually blended with cold and clean water. The amount of water can be modified according to the temperature and the floor’s absorption. An acrylic-based self-leveling compound, on the other hand, needs to be combined with an equivalent liquid polymer.

Self-leveling compounds are not a final floor surface since the materials which comprise the compound are not apt for walking or other foot traffic. These are basically meant for the sub-floors, to be concealed by carpet, ceramic tiles, wood, or vinyl.