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Wall to Wall Carpets

Our expertise in Hand Made Carpets, Customize Carpet, Wool and Silk Carpet, 100% Wool Carpet, Wool and Nylon Carpet, Printed Nylon Carpet

Wilton Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Hand Made Rugs, Custom Made Rugs, Machine Made Carpet, Axminster Carpet, Hand Tufted Carpet

Woven Carpet, Custom Made Wall to Wall Carpet, Printed Wall to Wall Carpet, Area Rugs, Banquet Carpet, Hospitality Carpet, Hotel Carpet

Hand Knotted Carpet, Hotel Room Carpet, Hotel Lobby Carpet, Corridor Carpet, Living Room Carpet, Service Apartment Carpet

Home Theater Carpet, Large Commercial Carpet, Airport Terminal Carpet, other Residential and Commercial Carpets.


Wall-to-wall carpet or carpeting, is a carpet intended to cover a floor entirely. These are woven to the dimensions of the specific area they were covering.