Vinyl Tiles

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Vinyl Tiles

VINYL TILES are a high performance flooring solution suitable for Heavy Duty traffic areas.

These are Vinyl Composition Tiles

made to meet the creativity of man’s architecture on the floors.

Square in Size (12″ x 12″), 2 mm in thickness makes it highly durable, also is easy to maintain, long lasting and 100% waterproof.


Special care should be taken to ensure the subfloor is level, clean, dry and hard. Use of self leveling compound is recommended.

Do Not Wash, scrub or strip the floor for at least 4 to 5 days after installation

VINYL FLOORING tiles/planks is a trending flooring solution for indoor – office, residence, schools, restaurants and commercial purposes.

Being a luxury flooring it is also anti static, anti slip, easy to maintain, highly durable, 100% water proof and one of the most economical luxury flooring solutions.

1.5 mm and 2 mm are best suitable for residences, dense office, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.

3 mm and 5 mm are best suitable for commercial offices, shopping malls, restaurants, warehouse etc.

An average life of 7 to 10 years can be expected out of these low cost luxury vinyl planks/tiles provided it is being installed by professional installers and well maintained by regular cleaning with a damp mop.

It is highly recommended to have zero leveled sub-floor for installation of these LVP/T. Use of self-leveling compound to level the subfloor is the best practice.

Must be protected from direct flow of heat from heating fixtures, appliances and Sunlight.

The floor should not be washed for at least four to five days after installation.