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Our unique customization has helped us bring your imaginations alive.
You dream – we create, you believe – we deliver.
Over 500000 sq ft of customized wall coverings delivered so far and counting…

Paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to create a decorative surface is called wallpaper.

There are different quality papers available to choose from – self-adhesive, glued application, washable vinyl paper, sticker vinyl paper, non tearable paper, handmade paper, canvas paper, transparent self adhesive wall coverings, etc.

Ready to install wallpapers are available in repeated design pattern such as floral, wooden, stone, bricks, contemporary, graphics, 3D, Damask, Plain, Self Designed, Embossed, Etc.

Choosing the right quality product is as important as the price.
Generally, all vinyl wallpapers are washable and have a shelf life of five years. However, a few lower quality products tear up when washed repeatedly, with low adaptation and lesser shelf life.

CARE: Wall must be dry, clean and smooth, crack free prior to installation. Painted walls must be sanded well and any loose paints scrapped off.
DO NOT USE benzene, toluene, acetone, trichloroethane, thinner, oil wax, or strong scouring powders, as these will damage the wall material.