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Laminated Wooden Flooring

Exquisite collection of Laminated Wooden Floorings from the best manufacturers across the globe, GERMANY. Laminate is vastly used flooring that has a wide range and is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Commercial grade is categorized as Abrasion Class 4 (AC4) and Residential as Abrasion Class 3 (AC3).

These are a state-of-the-art wooden floors that resembles beautiful natural wood flooring post installation, requires minimal maintenance and lasts for about of 30 to 40 years.

It has an opposite reaction to the weather that is keeps the room warm during the winter season and remains cool during summer.

As the wooden floorings have a natural characteristic of seasonal expansion and contraction, it is highly recommended to get it installed by professional installers although it’s just a click-lock floating floor, does not require any adhesive. Use of an underlay moisture barrier is mandatory.

The composition of laminated wooden floors consists of High Density Fiberboard (HDF) as the core, being extracted from real wood, decorative paper on the top laminated with aluminium oxide as the wear layer and melamine at the base towards moisture protection.

Economical laminate floors do not last for long and the decor does not possess good abrasion therefore it is highly recommended to choose appropriate quality of laminate floors.