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ESD - Static Control Flooring

ESD – Static Control Flooring is a conductive flexible homogeneous vinyl floor covering available in sheet and tile form. The 2mm homogeneous material incorporates carbon encapsulated granules/conductive carbon coated pvc pellets throughout its full thickness and has a conductive backing to ensure optimal and consistent conductive properties throughout its full life expectancy on sheet and tile form respectively. It acts as a continuous conductive and complies with EN 649.

Suitable for Hi-tech applications, electronics and telecommunication areas, computer rooms, operating theatres, radiology, server rooms, etc.

Vinyl/ Synthetic Indoor Sports Surface

  1. Specific engineered surface embossing gives adequate friction and grip control.
  2. TopCLEAN XP treatment ensures high resistance to scratches and easy maintenance.
  3. Pure transparent vinyl wear layer providing exceptional resistance to wear.
  4. High definition printing for a perfect wood surface appearance and built -in unis for higher colour intensity.
  5. Non woven glass fiber giving superior dimensional stability.
  6. Solid homogeneous calendar sheet made of recycled vinyl giving high resistance to indentation and tearing.
  7. High density closed cell foam back providing comfort, safety and sound reduction.

Sizes available : 3.45 mm , 4.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 8.3 mm

Outdoor Sports Surface

Synthetic sports turf in a one time investment, low maintenance and conforms to international standards suitable for outdoor sports applications such as;


Acrylic Sports Surfaces

Acrylic Sports Surfaces are superior sports flooring systems for outdoor and indoor applications.

Court is especially developed for tennis courts, basketball courts, skating areas, walkways and other multipurpose sport courts. Court systems are superior acrylic sports flooring systems for outdoor and indoor applications.  is especially developed for tennis courts, basketball courts, skating areas, walkways and other multipurpose sport courts. available in a range of standard colors and custom made colors are available upon on request. I Court systems are designed for optimum durability, longer life cycle and minimum maintenance cost.

EPI Court Supreme and Advantage give maximum long-lasting resilient cushion properties for optimum comfort to the athletes. All EPI Court systems are 100% environmentally friendly.

Wooden Sports Surfaces

Wood is used for many indoor sports surfaces and usually offers a reliability that is second to none. Whilst many modern sports facilities and indoor arenas decide on a PVC type surface which is usually slightly softer and more visually appealing, the performance of wooden sports surfaces is not to be underestimated. This is what makes it so popular for basketball and indoor football among other sports.

Whatever it is made of, an indoor sports floor has to do a number of jobs. The first and by far the most important of these is to protect the athlete from injury whilst at the same time offering a surface that does not put a strain on the athlete. This is what makes wooden surfaces so good. Wood is hard enough to absorb the shocks and strains of fast paced sport and unlike some synthetic surfaces, is not so soft that it will allow the athlete to tire.

Athletic Tracks

Floor Deal  athletic tracks maintain a top position among synthetic floors, which are of prime importance for many of the world’s athletes. Floor Deal athletic tracks are suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and popular sports. Their material composition was developed in accordance with physical sports requirements and incorporates a balance between speed, non-slip qualities and shock absorption exactly rated to the physical constitutions of athletes. Floor Deal synthetic tracks create the ideal conditions for training and competition for athletes around the world. You can obtain Floor Deal synthetic tracks in a multitude of variants, so we can install the right sports flooring for every purpose and every demand.

EPDM Flooring

EPDM flooring is the best quality flooring. It involves granules that are self-pigmented in nature. Thus making it last longer than the SBR variant.And they come in brighter colour shades.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is rapidly gaining in fame as a gym floor, play area surface, indoor / outdoor playgrounds, school flooring as well as locker rooms covering a diversity of interior plus exterior sites. It combines the sturdiness, strength, as well as ease of maintenance found in hard tile resources, by a soft, yielding texture that comfy to stand on as well as safe for anybody who is prone to fall for example children otherwise elderly family members.

As Rubber Flooring specialists in this industry, we ensure to offer a superior level of client service with each call, email, buying, or inquiry. We understand that picking the right flooring option or your unique needs can be a complicated procedure, particularly with so numerous accessible choices. However, we are here to help!

Our product experts are comprehensively trained in regards to the flooring choices we carry and are pleased to offer their widespread knowledge on rubber flooring application. They are fully ready to assess your project and commend variety of options for your requirements. Whether you are constructing a dog kennel, fitting a new treadmill, or flooring an outside play-area, we are here to provide your project a sturdy, supportive, and robust foundation to stand on!