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When it comes to flooring, we generally don’t think beyond marble or tiles, whereas it is easy to find and incorporate many other lesser known, beautiful and inexpensive flooring options in your overall design. All of them have their own unique properties that add to the aesthetics of any space. And at Floor Deal we ensure that we offer you nothing but the best to walk on.

Quality and versatility is our USP and innovation is our mantra. Our flooring solutions range from solid wood to engineered wood and laminated wood, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, floors for sports facilities, tiles, laminates and also exquisite, opulent carpets. We also offer wall coverings to enhance the look of any space, and for that purpose we have trendy and beautiful wallpapers, murals and claddings.

Our flooring solutions come in all kinds of variations like smooth, glossy, matte finish, rustic, hand sculpted, slip resistant, stain free, antibacterial, antifungal, conductive and with special PUR treatment. With more than 2 decades of experience in creating beautiful floors across multiple industries, we also customize according to the design of your choice.

Whether you are looking for a regal and classy look, an understated minimalistic look, a child-friendly and vibrant look or a stylish and trendy look for your space, we will ensure that your vision becomes reality with our services. Our team is trained and committed to deliver excellence always, and we can make your imagination come alive to the minutest details.

Our products are best-in-class, since our quality checks are very stringent. Our services are completely customer-centric and cost effective. More than 500 completed projects are a testimony to the quality and customer satisfaction that we offer.

The floor of your house is a reflection of who you are. So don’t settle for anything less than the best. Go bold or subtle, flashy or classy, glossy or matte, choose any motif, design or pattern, any color and any shade, and we will create the best floor for you to walk on.

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