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Though the floor may not seem very important while deciding about the décor of a place, and you may just want to match it with the rest of the elements there, it indeed is a significant component of a design scheme, and worth spending some of your time and effort. All it takes is a dash of creativity, and a well designed floor can completely transform the look and character of any place.

Each home is unique, and each home owner’s choice is unique too. We at Floor Deal understand this, and go to great lengths to ensure that we create the floor you desire and deserve. We have been making beautiful floors for more than 2 decades and now Floor Deal is a name synonymous with exquisite flooring. Our satisfied customers vouch for the quality and versatility we offer.

Trusted in offices and homes, we have beautified all kinds of spaces and our collections of floor coverings come in several variants, like smooth, glossy, matt finish, rustic, hand sculpted, stain free, slip resistant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, homogeneous, heterogeneous, conductive or with special PUR treatment. We try all possible combinations and also offer customization services to suit your requirements with our endless design options.

High quality, tasteful and elegant is what describes our floorings. We offer top notch quality products coupled with complete services to ensure that you get the best value for your money. We have an array of products in every category of flooring options like hardwoods, tiles, laminates and carpets. We pick only those products which pass the rigorous tests at our R & D facility.

We also have a wide range of wall coverings, like wall claddings, wall papers and murals that enhance the aesthetics of a space. We have completed more than 500 projects, and are happy to provide 100% customer support whenever you need any assistance from us. We always strive to meet your expectations with the best results and leave no stone unturned to present a whole new world of floor and wall coverings for you.

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