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The floor of any space is what defines its vibe and feel. While a wooden floor exudes warmth and earthy spirit, a marble floor looks regal and opulent. It takes different flooring solutions to create unique looks for different spaces. And it takes an expert like Floor Deal to bring you all flooring and wall covering solutions under one roof.

Modern homeowners are very creative, and love experimenting with textures and colors, while trying to get a unique signature look. We stay on top of the trend game and ensure that you get the best possible flooring solution to suit your preferences.

Flooring options like hardwoods, tiles, laminates, carpets, vinyl etc are some of the most popular choices in flooring, and We not only have great products in each category, but can also customize them according to your need and preference. You deserve to walk on the floor of your dreams, and Floor Deal promises just that!

Our team is committed to delivering excellence always, that too at a reasonable price. All the products we offer go through rigorous in-house R&D tests and only the most renowned brands and top quality products from all over the world find a place in our stocks. So, no matter what your requirement is, and no matter how detailed your imagination is, Floor Deal is well equipped to meet it all!

Floor Deal also offers an extensive range of wall coverings, like wall claddings, wallpapers and murals that add to the aesthetics of any space. We specialize in customized wall coverings that bring your imagination to life. If you have a dream wall, we have the expertise to create it.

With more than 500 successful projects to our credit, and 25000 satisfied customers, We boast of more than 2 decades of experience in providing the perfect solutions for floors and walls for any and every space. So if you are thinking of a floor that reflects your imagination, your search for the perfect flooring solution ends at Floor Deal!

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